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How to Know If You Have Acid Reflux

man with acid refluxYou may wonder how to know if you have acid reflux. The only way you can absolutely know for sure is to have a medical testing done to demonstrate the reflux is indeed present. However, if you have some particular symptoms is much more likely that reflux is present.

The most common and obvious symptom is a burning discomfort in the lower chest or upper abdomen. When it's mild people often refer to it as "heartburn" because it's a burning sensation in the chest.

Heartburn No MoreSome people may have a more vague sense of indigestion or "gas".

 An unusual symptom that may indicate acid reflux is coughing or sore throat. This happens in cases where the reflux is sold severe that backs up all the way to the throat. Some people may even notice an unusual taste.

If the symptoms occur after meals, especially meals that contain foods that trigger acid reflux many people such as tomato sauce, it's even more likely that acid reflux is present. Symptoms can also be aggravated by lying down because when a person does so it's easier for the acid to spell out into the esophagus.

You have to keep in mind however that several different diseases can cause symptoms that seem very much alike. In particular gallbladder disease and heart disease can both cause symptoms that can be very difficult to differentiate from acid reflux and GERD. Because of this if symptoms persist for any amount of time at all it's a good idea to seek out medical evaluation.


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