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Foods to
Eat for Acid Reflux


Knowing what foods to eat for acid reflux is an important part of any treatment program. For many people, simple changes in diet may be all they need to take care of the problem. Others may require additional treatment to eliminate heartburn and other symptoms of acid reflux, but even then eating the right foods can make treatment a lot more successful.




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I’ll begin with a “food” that is a very popular folk remedy: apple cider vinegar. While it may seem counterintuitive to take something acidic like vinegar to help something associated with stomach acid there are too many reports of success to ignore this treatment. To give it a try, dilute one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it before meals. You can add a little honey if you like.


Some people enjoy the taste of dilute vinegar. In fact, it was an old time Vermont farmer hot weather pick-me-up. People who don’t enjoy the taste, or who worry that drinking an acidic fluid regularly might weaken their teeth enamel, can drink it through a straw.


Among fruits, apples, bananas and melons are usually well tolerated. On the other hand, in general you should avoid citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, especially their juices.


Most vegetables are well tolerated. Go ahead and enjoy string beans, peas, cauliflower and most other vegetables. Potatoes are often particularly soothing. However this does not mean potato skins smothered with bacon crisps, cheddar cheese, sour cream and hot sauce.


Other good foods to include are those high in plant protein, such as beans and lentils. Some studies suggest that plant proteins help make the esophagus more resistant to letting acid back up.


Many people report that almonds help tremendously with acid reflux. Try taking 4 or 5 raw or roasted almonds either with a meal or if you have a flare-up. If weigh is a issue for you, don’t overdo it because almonds, like all other nuts are calorie dense. So that’s 4 or 5 nuts, not 4 or 5 handfuls.


Yogurt sooths the stomach and the beneficial bacteria in it are helpful as well. It’s best to use low fat or non fat and add your own fruit. Most commercially produced brands have way too much sugar in them to be good for you. Check the labels to see how much sugar is in a serving.


Most lean meats, such as chicken breasts and leans cuts of beef can be safely eaten. Fatty meats are more of a problem and you should be careful.


Perhaps as important as what foods you eat for acid reflux is how much you eat at one time. Eating a large meal increases the pressure in the stomach. This makes reflux much more likely to occur.  Because of this, frequent small meals are a better idea.

Relatively minor changes in the foods you eat may take care of your reflux problem. Unfortunately, too many people turn to potent drugs when they have heartburn and acid reflux problems. When you think about it, it’s a little worrisome. After all, nearly all these drugs work by eliminating stomach acid. Our stomachs produce acid for a reason. Blocking it long term certainly isn’t natural.


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